CATIA V5 Video Tutorial Course
13:04 hrs; 198 videos.

INSTRUCTIONS - Please read
To view a video, click a video title in the column to the left. The video starts automatically after 22% has loaded. The files are small and stream quickly on a high-speed connection. You need the free Adobe Flash Player to see these videos. To change to another video, just click another title. You don't need to close this browser to start a new video; in fact sometimes that messes with the security controls and logs you off.

Make sure you logout before closing the browser. If you can't get back in (no concurrent access permitted), clear your browser's cache, then close and re-open, and try to login again.

Video Controls: The buttons for play, pause and stop are at the bottom of the screen. The resolution of the video is 900 x 700. If you can't see the controls, you can maximize your screen viewing space by increasing your screen resolution, hiding some browser menu bars, and auto- hiding your start bar.

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